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Subject: Re: [SDB] DeRuyter Institute and Building Committee (Various SDBSurnames)
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:52:22 EDT

Hi Fellow Listers

Questions come up from time to time regarding the DeRuyter Institute and I
thought I would add this info.

In the year 1834 operations for the DeRuyter Institute were started under the
patronage of the denomination of the Seventh Day Baptist. The prime mover
and Pioneer in the enterprise of opening a denominational school at DeRuyter was
Elder Alexander Campbell. It was started by the untiring zeal of Elder
Alexander Campbell and his building Committee in 1835 and at that time the following
were members of his building committee.

Henry Crandall
LeBaron Godwin
Elmer D Jencks
Mathew Wells Jr.

In 1836 the Seventh Day Baptist Legislature passed an Act and appointed the
following Trustee's for the Institute

LeBaron Goodwin
Ira Spencer
Elmer Jencks
James Nye
Alexander Campbell
Joel Greene
Martin Wilcox
Eli Bailey
Adin Burdick
Mathew Wells Jr
Perry Burdick

In the Spring of 1837 the School was completed and Solomon Carpenter was
appointed Principal and Sarah Robison appointed Preceptress. However the school
did not open until Fall of 1837 and at that time there was a change in
Principal and Eber M Rollo AM was appointed Principal of the DeRuyter Institute.

I hope this is of interest to some of you. I had a number of Ancestral
cousins and/or relatives involved in the settling of DeRuyter and the SDB church
and Institute.

Pat R

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