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Northampton Births
Abraham, 18 April 1781 John Wilhelm and Catharine

Abraham 10 Dec 1781 Jeremias and Elizabeth

Andreas 6 Jan 1781 William and Catharine

Anna 22 May 1769 William and Catharine

Anna 6 Dec 1783 Jeremias and Elizabeth

Anna 12 March 1790 John and Magdalene

Catharine 19 May 1778 Conrad and Dorothy

Christian 10 March 1786 Henrich and Elizabeth

Christine 18 June 1797 David and Magdalene

Christine 17 Oct 1786 Michael and Gertrude

Elizabeth 12 Aug 1796 John George and Eliz

Elizabeth 1758 Johan Conrad and A. Maria

Elizabeth 9 Aug 1758 Baltser and Cath.

Elizabeth 10 Dec 1787 Jermias and Eliz.

Elizabeth 2 March 1781 Christian and Anna

Fronerta 20 April 1795 David and Magd.

Henrich ca 1787 Heinrich and Elis.

Jacob 3 July 1782 Augustin and M. Eliz.

Jacob 26 Dec 1800 David and Magd

Jacob 17 June 1784 Friedrich and Maria

Jacob 8 March 1792 Wilhelm and Cath.

Jacob 8 Aug 1792 John and Magd

Jeremiah 16 May 1775 Christian and Anna

Johan Georg 2 Dec 1778 William and Cath

Johann Lenhardt 22 Jan 1779 Augustin and Elizabeth

John Paul 26 Feb 1784 Wilhelm and Cath

John 20 Sept 1776 Jeremias and Eliz.

John 28 Dec 1777 John and Magd

John 20 June 1797 Johh and Cath

John 19 Aug 1800 Jacob and Maria

John Henry 4 Jan 1769 Henry and Margaret

Joseph 3 Jan 1800 George and Elis.

Joseph 25 April 1776 Conrad and Anna Dorthea

Magd. 12 Sept 1777 Henry and Mgt

Magd. 23 March 1780 Jermias and Eliz

Margaret 17 March 1800 "Jeremiah" and Eliz

Maria 3 Feb 1797 Jeremiah and Eliz

M. Cath. 7 Sept 1776 Michael and Gertrude

M. Christine 13 Nov 1795 Friedrich and Maria

M. Magd 28 Nov 1769 Conrad and Dorothea

M. Magd 26 May 1784 Johannes and Magd

M. Magd 27 Dec 1798 Jacob and Maria

Mathias 16 May 1800 Abraham and Sarah

Michael 12 July 1741 Peter and A. Margaretha

Peter 2 May 1779 Christian and Anna

Peter 10 Sept 1779 Michael and Gertrude

Rachel 19 Sept 1794 Jeremiah and Eliz

Sabina 15 July 1792 Heinrich and Elis

Sarah 29 May 1799 John and Magd

Susanna 18 Nov 1797 Henry and Eliz

Susanna 20 Feb 1799 John and Cath

Thomas H. 3 Nov 1800 Conrad and Elis.

Tobia 1789 Wilhelm and Catharine

Wilhelm Hennrich 6 Dec 1782 John Wilhelm and Anna Catharina

Wilhelm 18 June 1741 Balthsar and A. Maria

Willam 24 Feb 1787 Henry and Margaretha

Hess, Jeremiah (Hon.) of Northampton Co., was born Dec 3 1848 in
Hellertown, s/o Rev. Samuel and Lucett (Kleine) Hess. His
great-grandfather, Nicholas Hess, was a native of Zweibrucken, Germany,
who settled in Springfield, Bucks Co, in 1723. The grandfater, George
Hess moved to Iron Hill, Northampton Co., about 1800. He had a family of
6 sons and 2 daughters, and one of the number George was a Capt. in the
War of 1812

Samuel Hess was educated privately, and had as a tutor the celebrated
Rev.J. C. Becker. He was ordained as a minster of the German Reformed
Church of York about 1828. His wife, who was the mother of two children,
our subject and Milton J., died Dec 15, 1893. The father born Christman
Day, 1804, died Nov 24 1875

On June 17, 1875 Jeremiah Hess married Tillie, d/o Moses "Heminger", of
Hellertown, Children, Herbert, Clara Mary and Samuel

Hess, Milton J., was born Aug 19, 1847. Married in 1870 to Mary A., d/o
Aaron Bachman, of Lower Saucon, Northampton Co. Children; William J.,
Howard Samuel, Calvin B., George, and Katie Eliza.

York Co
Hess, Jeremiah D., He was born in Springfield township, Nov 14 1842, s/o
Peter and grandson of Henry Hess.

Henry Hess as born in Springfield twp. He married Barbara Goodling.
Children; Peter, Samuel and Henry died in Springfield twp. John died in
York twp. Elizabeth married Joseph Hildebrand. Christina married Abraham
Snyder, Marian married George Messersmith, Lydia, w/o Daniel Ness and
Sarah, w/o Jeremiah Bupp.

Peter Hess, son Henry and father of Jeremiah D., was born in Springfield
twp. He married Caroline Day. Children; Jeremiah D., Amanda w/o Joshua
Leber of Dallastown, Oliver married Abbie Hartman, Sarah, w/o Peter
Shearer of York.

Jeremiah D., married 1869 to Emeine Shearer. Children: Eli who married
Annie Inners; Pious; Adam married Hattie Ness; Oliver Allen, married
Agnes Reichard, Rebecca married Tempest Ness and Solomon Peter.

War of 1812
Abraham, wf Mary srv Capt. Fisher, PA

Christian, see case of sub Abraham Hess

George PA srv Fisher's PA Mil

George W. srv Capt Rhoads PA Mil

Jeremiah, wf Catharine (1st husand Ewing) 2nd wife, married 6 Dec 1866

Peter , srv Capt Hawks PA Mil

Bucks Co
Feb 3 1800 Nicholas Hess, Springfield Twp. Several children, Conrad,
Philip, George, Elizabeth Beidleman (late Hess) and Catharine, deceased
wife of Philip "Pishor" (left 5 children under 14) who died before their
father. May 6 1800. Left five children; Conrad, Philip, George,
Elizabeth and representative of Catharine "Peyshor". Philip "Peisher"
petitions for his children George,Samuel, Henry, Elizabeth and Anthony,
all under 14." Conrod Hesse" appointed guardian. Sept 18 1800 Joseph Fry
appointed in place of Conrod Hess who resigned.

April 23 1832 Conrad Hess, Springfield Twp. Granddaughter Mary and
Rosewell, over 14 and Elizabeth Amey under 14. Both of their parents are
deceased. Petition by their uncle Joseph Hess. David Hess and Henry Funk
appointed. No widow but 6 children George, Elizabeth, w/o John Knecht,
Joseph, Catharine, w/o John Beidleman, Margaret, w/o John Amey, Susanna
and Mary (deceased wife of George Amey, children, Mary, Rosewell,
Elizabeth, Susanna, Margaret, Abner, Nancy, David, Julianna and Conrad,
all minors) Oct 12, 1833. Susannah, w/o Daniel Spencer Jr. of Kingston,
Luzerne County and daughter of George Amey, late of Luzerne Co give
p.o.a. to her husband, David Amey of Tunkannock, Luzerne Co, also son
George, gives p.o.a to Daniel Spencer Jr.

Sept 18 1848 George Hess, Springfield twp. Widow Elizabeth and 9
children: Joseph R., David, Solomon, Tobias, Charles, George R. ( an
habitual drunkard) Elizabeth Brunner, Catharine Ruckel and Hannah, w/o
Levi O. Kolp, Esq.

Mann, John Sr., Springfied twp, Proved May 4 1815 Sons John, George,
Jacob and Abraham exrs. Sons John Jacob, Abraham, John George, Philip,
Christian and Henry. Daus. Catharine (died before date of codicil),
Margaret, Elizabeth wife of Henry Hess. Son-in-law George Ruth or Ruht,
and his children. Land 364 acres to Jacob and Abraham. Son Philip,
absent, his daughter Catharine, who I have raised.

Keil, Conrad of New Britian, miller, Proved Nov18 1784. Wife Elizabeth.
Ludwick Switzer and Jacob Yoder exrs. Sons John, Jesses, and Conrad.
Daus. Susanna, Mary Anne and Elizabeth

Phila. Co
Anna Maria 17 March 1774 Ludwich and Cath

Anna Maria 19 March 1776 Conrad and Charlotte

Charlotta Susanna 3 Oct 1778 same

Elis. 20 July 1779 Adam and Elisabeth

Johan Ludwich 28 Aug 1771 Ludwich and Cath.

Johanna Charoltta 9 March 1780 Conrad and Charlotta

Johannes 1 June 1773 Johann Conrad and Charlote

John Conradt 8 March 1780 Ludwich and Catharine

Maria Catharine 4 June 1769 Ludwich and Anna Catharine

Maria Elisabeth 14 May 1767 Conrad and Charlotte

M. Magd 11 July 1774 Nicolaus and Wilhelmina

Nicolas 5 Nov 1766 same

Nicolaus 2 Dec 1767 same

Sameul 11 May 1770 Conrad and Charlotte

Wilhelm Dec 1778 William and Catharine

Wilhelmina 22 Jan 1767 Ludwich and A. Cath.

Andreas 2 June Daniel and Gertraut

A. Barb. 19 Dec 1750 Michael and A. Barb

A. Cath 16 Feb 1759 Daniel and no name

Barb. 26 Feb 1756 Daneil and Gertrauda

Catharina bp 1 Jan 1762 Johannes and Lisb. Magar

Eva Maria bp 16 Sept 1759 Nicolaus and Wilhelmina

Johan Dieterich 15 Oct 1754 John Ludwig and Anna Maria

Johan Nicolaus bp 29 March 1760 Ludwig and Catharine

Johan Philip bp 21 Sept 1760 Nicolaus and Wilhelmina

Johan Henrich 5 June 1762 Daniel and Gertraud

Johann Nicolaus 23 Aug 1762 Nicolaus and Wilhelmina

Johannes 31 July 1751 Jacob and Elisabeth

Johannes 8 Nov 1764 Ludwich and A. Cath

Reguia 2 May 1749 Jacob and Elizabeth

Rosina 16 March 1757 Daniel and no name

Wilhelmina bp 25 Feb 1760 Johannes and Lizab.

Best Wishes, Geri

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