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From: "Christie Stilson" <>
Subject: Re: South Dakota
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:50:53 -0700

There are lots of Henjum's listed. I don't know how Garretson relates to
this area, but my relatives also lived around Garretson. It looks like the
listing for Knut N. Henjum (page 356) is your relative. It lists Knut N.
Henjum born Sogn, Norway; Bothilda born Grinde, Sogn, Norway. Knut came to
Minehaha County from Fillmore County, Minnesota in the Spring of 1874 and
took Homestead in Edison Township, where they lived until they sold and
moved to Silverton, Oregon, where Mrs. Henjum died a short time ago. (Keep
in mind it was written in 1928!) They have nine children as follow:
Gertrude, Martha, Sivert, John, Jens A., Conrad, Nils, Unnie, and Caroline.
Three of the children, Mrs. Pedro Kvammen, John and Sivert still live in
Edison Township. Knut was all the time a member of the Norway Congregation
and for a time a member of the administrative offices of Edison Township.
Mrs. Henjum was a sister to Carl and Anders Grinde.

This is all there is on Knut, but there is more on the Grinde family,
including a very sweet story written by Karl A. Grinde that is about three
pages long and entitled, THE TRIP TO DAKOTA. I could mail you the text in
its entirety, but it begins..."It was in the spring of 1879 that our little
family, consisting of my wife and myself, with two small children, loaded
up our Prairie Schooner in Fillmore County and took off for Dakota....we
took along some cattle belonging to Andrew (Andress) Lodalen and a cow to
be delivered to a family in Owantana, Minnesota. This was a bell cow and
when we got rid of the cow, the question was what to do with the bell
because up to now the other cattle had followed this bell cow willingly.
Then we decided to hang the bell on the wagon axle and it went remarkably
well. The bell rang all the time and the creatures followed after it....
(Later in the story he adds) Now it so happened there were 40 acres of land
near Knut Henjum's land that had not yet been filed on. Forty acres was not
too much to uphold one, but mother felt it was enough for her, so I dug a
sod cellar 8 x 10 feet. Here my little family had shelter until the next
spring when we moved to Taopi Twp. Mother was with us part of the time, but
stayed for the most part with her daughter, Mrs. Knut Henjum where she had
a good home in her old age. She died in 1893 and is buried in Norway's
congregational Cemetery.

As for the copy was purchased just a couple of years ago (I have
both the English and a very old Norwegian version.) The translation was
printed in 1976 by Emily Brende Sittig and Clara Brende Christenson. There
is no publisher or even an ISBN number. It was obviously a labor of love
and it was printed in Sioux Falls South Dakota at "Insty Prints" It does
have a Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 76-11048.

I'd guess that since it was originally affiliated with the Sioux Falls
Historical Association, that some such organization might still exist and
carry whatever remaining copies there are of this voluminous tome. (It is
600 pages.)

Let me know if you want more on the Grindes and on that tale of travel. I
can xerox and send it if you can't find a copy of the book itself.

Christie Stilson
Portland, Oregon
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> Subject: Re: South Dakota
> Date: Wednesday, September 24, 1997 4:15 PM
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> > A kind relative sent me the English translation of "Norwegian Pioneers
> > History of Minnehaha County, South Dakota from 1866-1896." I'd be
happy to
> > do a quick search if anyone had family in this region.
> >
> > Christie
> >
> Hello, Christie --
> Can you tell me if Garretson, SD is in Minnehaha Cty.? (My atlas doesn't
> counties.) My great grandparents, Knute Nielsen Henjum & Botilde Grinde
> Henjum settled about 3 mi. west of Garretson in Edison township around
> I would love to know if they're in the book. If so, can you tell me the
> publisher so I can order a copy?
> Many thanks,
> Carole

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