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I didn't put sources for FREEMAN on my data base, because they
include guesses from many other researchers who have never found
absolute proof, and it would take me forever to find those notes
now. But here's the kids:

Descendants of John BUTTERWORTH

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 BUTTERWORTH (HENRY1)1 was born Abt. 1630 in Wales1,2, and
died 07 December 1683 in Swansey, MA3. He married SARAH FREEMAN4
Abt. 1650 in Swansey, MA5, daughter of EDMUND FREEMAN and ELIZABETH.
She was born Abt. 16305.

John BUTTERWORTH was a Baptist, and one of the seven founders of
the first Baptist church in MA, and the second in America, at
Rehoboth. It was later moved to Swansey, because the court fined
them for having these services, and not paying taxes to the
established church. (Source: NEHGR, Vol. 1 and 2).
John's uncle, Samuel BUTTERWORTH came over before John. He became a
freeman at Rehoboth 3 JUL 1652, and received land 22 JUN 1658.He had
moved there by 1662. IN 1663, the Baptist Church was organized
inJohn's home, and met there regularly. He became a long time
Rehoboth did not want Baptists, so and and others received
permission to start a new town, Swanzey, named after Swanzey, Wales.
He and four others were in charge of admitting inhabitants,
disposing of lands, and soing other affairs of the town.
On 16 MAR 1677, John was given the job of distributing relief from
Ireland to help sufferers in the Indian war. He was constable in
1685. (NEHGR)

i. JOHN3 BUTTERWORTH, b. 08 September 1651.
ii. SARAH BUTTERWORTH, b. 28 May 1653.
iii. NATHANIEL BUTTERWORTH, b. 12 April 1655.
iv. JOSEPH BUTTERWORTH, b. 15 May 1657.
v. DEBORAH BUTTERWORTH, b. 02 May 1659.
2. vii. MERCY BUTTERWORTH, b. 22 January 1662/63, Rehoboth, MA; d.
Aft. 1714, Groton, MA.
x. EXPERIENCE BUTTERWORTH, b. 15 August 1669.
xi. BENJAMIN BUTTERWORTH, b. 06 January 1691/92.

Generation No. 2

2. MERCY3 BUTTERWORTH (JOHN2, HENRY1)6,7 was born 22 January
1662/63 in Rehoboth, MA8, and died Aft. 1714 in Groton, MA. She
married JOSEPH BLOOD Abt. 1682 in Swansea, MA9, son of RICHARD BLOOD
and ISABEL WILKINSON. He was born Abt. 1644 in Concord, MA10, and
died 1692 in Dedham, MA11,12,12.

Mercy probably met Joseph when he served in the area of Swansey
during King Philip's War. She m. him and they moved to a nearby
community, and did not return to Groton, MA. until later on.

When Joseph served in the scouting party that scoured the area
around Rehoboth and Swansea, he apparently met his future wife
there. Mercy was a Baptist, for her father, John
BUTTERWORTH, had been among the founders of the first Baptist Church
in MA, and the second in America. First meetings were held in his
home in Rehoboth. They were asked to leave by the Puritans, so they
moved to the neighboring Swansea, where John was Deacon for many
years. He d. before 1792, when there was a settlement of the
Garrison in the West Regiment of Middlesex, and his wife was listed
as a widow, living at Groton. They also raised their children at
Groton. (Source: "The Story of the Bloods", pp. 165/166 and NEHGR #
1 and 2).

i. SARAH4 BLOOD, b. Abt. 168212; d. 28 July 1766, Little Compton,
RI; m. JOHN PALMER, 28 August 1718, LittleCompton, RI.
ii. RICHARD BLOOD, b. Abt. 1687, Dedham, MA12; d. 31 March 1768,
Charlton, MA12; m. JOANNA DAWES, 31 March 1714, Dedham, MA12; b. 21
April 1687, Dedham, MA12; d. 14 July 1767, Charlton, MA12.

Richard, grandson of the first Richard, was probably brought up by
his Uncle THAYER of Mendon,and had land there as early as 1608. but
by 1610, he was one of those who moved on to the new town of Mendon.
He was one of the Baptist persons in Mendon who objected to paying
taxes for a church they did not attend, and which was too far away,
anyway. This group petitioned for a new town of Bellingham. He
didn't have to move, because he already lived in the part of the
town that became Bellingham. in 1720.
His first two years in Bellingham, he was a highway surveyor, and
also a tythingman in 1721,Constable in 1726, and Assessor in 1730.
His family then moved to the part of Oxford which became Charlton,
and descendants of his family lived in Charlton for 200 years, but
not our part. (Source: "The Story of the Bloods", pp. 167/68).
While in Mendon as a youth, Richard met his wife, Joanna DAWES.
There is not absolute proof that she was a DAWES, but it seems the
most likely.
In 1708, Richard bought from several Dedham men "18 cow common
rights in undivided land between Mendon, Wrentham, and Providence,"
besides "three score and 12 acres already laid out in Rawson'r Farm:
for 10 L, 16s.In 1714, he bought from another Dedham man32 acres
belonging to four cow common rightsin the first and second dividions
still to tbe laid out.
In 1736, he sold his homestead and 176 acres in the south part of
the town for 1200 pounds. He was evidently well off. His wife's name
was Joanna, and four children were b. to them between 1721 and 1729.
the estate of Joseph his son included two bonds of 500 pounds and
three hundred and fifty pounds, and a total of 1,748 pounds. He had
five children, born in 1738 - 48, but there were no other births in
town after that in that name.


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